Autumn Burdock – photo by Wild Thing

A promise given
With joy
Gently placed
In a basket
To be savored
Until its arrival
With expectation
Hopeful days
It never comes

Another promise
In the basket
It goes
Believing again
Only to see
It curls up
Like the other

Soon the basket
Fills with
Withered promises
It’s put away
With the pain
Of being forgotten

More promises
Like butterflies
Then flutter away

Leaving behind
That it will
Never happen
Which is
Better than

Wild Thing ©February 18, 2017

*This poem was written for the Prompt 2.17 for the Writing Rebels.
It must suck to have promises made that are never kept. I mean we all know what it’s like, but to be an entire race of people? I think of Standing rock … being Black … Hispanic … all the broken promises made to them & then I am ashamed to bemoan any that have been broken to me. Anyway, I tried to capture that feeling & don’t think I came very close to it … but for what it’s worth. This was my attempt.

On the Written Page With Kerouac

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To The Moon – photo by Wild Thing

I have always found Jack Kerouac’s List on Belief and Technique for Modern Prose rather curiously a positive one for someone who seemed rather morose and given to bouts of chronic depression. That being said, I have found that much of what he says on this list has been a guiding light to how I approach my writing.

I think the one thing that is most important is to love life in general and be a student of it. To study and observe it; I find that it has enriched my life and therefore my writing. I agree whole-heartedly to never get drunk outside of your own home as well. Bad things happen when you do that! I could go on more in that direction, but think it’s best left at that.

But the most of his list that resonates in me are the ones that involve vision. Being an artist who uses paints, sketches, and now photography, I use my inner eye, my inner vision, to begin my writing. I “see” it before I write it. Sometimes, one of my photos brings up the writing, sometimes a chance phrase creates a vision in my mind, or sometimes just sitting and staring off into space creates a scene. When I read a prompt it is always a visual that is formed first. Even music is a visual thing for me. I see it when I listen to it whether it has lyrics or not.

The visionary part ties into the loving life and being a student of it. Because this allows you to see what was, is and could be. It becomes the “filler” for my vision. Standing at a motel window watching a man say goodnight to a woman in a car. I kept thinking about who they were, what were they to each other? I made up a whole story from this visual snapshot in my head of these 2 strangers that became a poem.

It’s probably why I will never write “the line writer’s dream of writing” because for me it’s not so much about the words as getting the visual down on paper for you to “see” what I am seeing in my mind … feeling as I’m seeing it. If I can do that, then I have achieved my goal.

Writing this, I have now had a visual and will try to share it.

In my corner
To share
My style
À la Kerouac

Stray thought
Wanders by
Pushed aside
I struggle
To explain

Boldly returning
It is insistent
Floods my mind

Nothing to do
I give in
You are too

Especially Annie

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Prompt #2.3
Writing Rebelsm

At the Precipice

Fear gripping me
Afraid to breathe
Afraid not to
What if I fail

What if you don’t
A voice whispers

I’m afraid I whisper
Faintly it replies
I know you are

I might fall
You might soar
Higher than all

Others will laugh
Then laugh with them

They won’t notice
Then be invisible

That’s nonsense
So is fear

Who are you
I ask out loud

Says the voice

Challenging it I say
How do you know me

It replies confidently
I am you

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Prompt #2.1
Writing Rebelsm

Prompt #49

prompt 49 Weird

I’m Ready for my Close-Up Mr. DeMille – photo by Wild Thing

As being chosen to go first to kick off the celebration of the one-year anniversary of “Writing Outside the Lines”, I just want to say a little bit.

When Annie suggested starting this, I gave her my full support. I thought it would be a great thing to do even though I felt that I was a horrible writer. I have to tell you, I was terrified to submit that first piece.

I found as I went along though, that I felt more at ease. As I relaxed, so did my writing. Slowly it got a little better. I know when one is good and when one is merely ok. I’m learning as I go and I’m okay with that.

None of this would have been possible, had I not had the constant support of Annie. Through it all, she was there, right beside me, not pushing, not once! But cheering me all the way! She has always encouraged me to stretch further than I thought I could.

Without that, I doubt I would be here today writing this. I would have given up ages ago. But because of the time Annie gave unselfishly to me, I am here today leading out with the first prompt!

So Happy One-Year Anniversary WOL! I raise my glass to my fellow Writing Rebels & say “Here’s to the next year! May we be as prolific as we were this first year! CHEERS!”

Now on to the prompt, as an Aquarian, I am a weirdo. So the above quote by Hunter S. Thompson has always been kind of like my motto.       Are you weird?     How so?     Do you have a motto?     What is it & why?     Or does the turtle inspire you?     She is quite gorgeous … smiling at you.     The name of the photo is: “I’m Ready For My Close Up Mr. DeMille”.     Her name is Yolanda and she was going to lay eggs.             Now I hope I’ve given you inspiration to write whatever moves you!           Aren’t you glad I don’t give prompts every week????

Wild Thing