Daffodil Van Goghed – digital art by Wild Thing

I . . . am
A nonconformist
I don’t require
Your affirmation

While valuing
Your opinion
It won’t change
How I live
My life or
See myself

I can’t fit
Into the box
You try to put
Me in
Be what you
Want me to be

Who you think
I should be
The role
I should play
In this life

I do this
Not out of
For you
But because
I respect me

I do this
So we each
Can have our
Space to be
Who we each
Were meant
To be

Wild Thing©2017

Prompt 2.12
Writing Rebels

Who is She?

Who is That

Stars in the Morning – photo by Wild Thing

Pretending to look
Into the distance
At some object
Of interest ...
I study her 

Shrouded in black
A mystery
Waiting to be solved 

Maybe she’s
Mourning a dead lover
Perhaps she’s
Seeking invisibility 

Silver adornments
Ancient symbols
Long forgotten
Flash silver light
Against the black

It catches your eye
Draws you in 

... blond hair
Tossed carelessly
Over her shoulders

Confident ... relaxed 

The answer
To her secret
There ... somewhere
In her eyes 

I look ...
Not a stranger
But me
Alone in the mirror

And still ... I wonder
Who is she?

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Writing Rebels
Prompt #47
Writing Rebelsm