Stolen Moments

Sunset in Mist Lg

Sunset in Mist – photo by Wild Thing

Beautiful door
Only opened
As they arrived
For those
Stolen moments

No day
Would pass
They would meet
To talk … touch
Whisper of
Love and promise

Then . . .
Darkness came
He disappeared

Every day
She faithfully came
The door
Remained locked
She sat by the door . . . waited

She dreamed
Of the door
Always open
They were always
There . . . together

Each doing
Their own thing
Side by side
In happiness

Brushing past
Each other
With smiles
Sharing the day
Quiet nights
Passion filled

A dream
That will never
Come to be
And so, she waits
By the door

Wild Thing ©2017

Written for Prompt 2.15
Writing Rebels

Dark Dream


Night Storm – photo by Wild Thing

Dark night
Wind picks up
Low rumbling

Across boards
A white chair
Tap dances

Tension builds
The rumble now
A dragon’s roar

Air crackles
Neck hair lifts

Flashes of light
Blind the eyes
Twisting limbs
No control
Flexing bending
In the wind

The crescendo
Suddenly arching
Tension breaks
Storm opens
Rain falls down
Full force

Crying out
She wakes . . . alone
Gasping for air

A dream
Just a dream
Or was it . . .

Wild Thing ©2016

Dragon Dreams


Dragon Dreams – photo by Wild Thing

mist filled


a path
well worn

too hot
for such

on neck

hot breath
no . . . just

a corner
just ahead

an alarm

Wild Thing ©2016

Lord and Lady


Divine Sacred – photo by Wild Thing

Within wisps of
Dawn’s grey mist
She moves
The fair haired
Lady of the Mist

Silver light
Healing and comfort
To all she meets
On her path

Patiently she works
To those who
Need her

Lord of the Mist
Amid tree tops
Clouds and birds
Gathering news

He descends
Giving advice
Settling disputes
Sharing his wisdom

Writing song
And verse
Of mysteries
Hidden in the mist

She answers
Gently whispering
Giving of herself

Sun rising
They dissolve
Into each other
Until needed again

Wild Thing ©2016

Caramel Kisses

548 Oct (56)

Raspberry Autumn – photo by Wild Thing

fine autumn day
sunshine bright …
she smiles at me
like a kid
in my flannel shirt
sleeves rolled up
hem fluttering
around her knees

cruisin along …
open windows
whip her hair
oldies radio on
she sings with …

in no hurry
we stop at a
roadside stand …
get some apples
caramels and sticks …
pumpkins too

she snaps my pic
then laughing
to the car …
fat pumpkin
in her arms

that night
our eyes meet …
apples forgotten …
in the moment
of trading
caramel kisses

Wild Thing ©2016

Choosing Wisely


Gloaming – photo by Wild Thing

Gloaming light
At a crossroads
She stops
Once so sure
Of her path

Takes over
As it becomes
Obscured by dark
Senses sharpen

Unseen forces
Hide within
Unknown territory
She must wisely
Choose her way

No going back
Past is past
Nothing left there
Can’t stay here
She looks up

Stars look down
With no response
She sighs
Shakes her head
Looks down

Moonless night
At a crossroads
She breathes deep
Takes a step
On her path

Wild Thing ©2016

Loss of a Soul


Wild Heat – photo by Wild Thing

Hair done
Mask in place
Costume perfect
Jewels sparkling
Entering the party
Heads turn

The charade begins
Small talk
Drink in hand
Witty banter
Mingling freely
Sexy innuendos

Black silk
Not too tight
Dangerous curves
Stiletto heels
Men admiring
Feline movements

Laughter breaks out
Droll sarcasm
Playing the part
Like a pro
Every line scripted
Drink refilled

No one sees
Her bleeding
From a wound
Deep inside
Her soul leaving
An empty shell

Wild Thing ©2016



Easy Rider – photo by Wild Thing

He waited outside
Black leather
Patched jeans
Harley rumbling
Lit cigarette
Tattooed arms

I ran out the door
Mom crying
Dad swearing
I didn’t care
Love and
Freedom called

We took off
Our journey
Had no rules
No road map
We just rode

Nights of passion
Beneath the stars
Two gypsies
Living on love
Born to be Wild

Wild Thing ©July 14, 2016

Let’s Go


Memories Revisited – photo by Wild Thing

She pulled up in
our old green buick
Laid on the horn
Yelled, “Hey!
Let’s go lose ourselves
For a day … maybe a week
Hell, forever baby!” 

Horn blasts again
I look out
There she sits
Behind the wheel
Daisy in her hair

Wild Thing ©2016


No Tell Motel


Neon Beacon – photo by Wild Thing

Noisy highway
Just beyond
As secret lovers
Come and go
Lonely night
At No Tell Motel

In shadows
Fervent kisses
Drive safe …
She promises
“Shit” he exhales
As she leaves

Looking up
Neon signs
Glow brightly
Naked pain
Mixed with love
Washed in orange

Highway silent
Signs buzz
His foot
Snuffs out
His cigarette
Door closes
On No Tell Motel

Wild Thing ©2016