Moonlight Skate


Frozen Moon – photo by Wild Thing

Warm old truck
5 years old
“Where are we
going Daddy?”
“You’ll see.”

Rough road
Lots of bumps
She giggles
When she flies
Off her seat

Deep in the swamp
Large bag
On his shoulder
Short walk
Narrow path

Under moonlit sky
Snow glistens
On a pond
Blue square
Empty of snow

nature’s bench
Carefully stacked
Just offshore
Bonfire wood

In the bag
His old ones
New white
Double blade
Ones for her

Hand in hand
He guides her
Teaches her
Until sure
She can skate
On her own

Wild Thing ©2017

Written for Prompt 2.21
Writing Rebels



. . . hint of being
exotic whiff
. . . captivating
mysterious ways

. . . deep night
candle companion
. . . familiar
becomes sinister

. . . dark hours
hellhounds arrive
. . . harbingers of fear

Wild Thing ©2017

Arah . . .


Black Moon Night – photo by Wild Thing

today we grieve . . .
wear black
beat our chests . . .

keen “ARAHHHHH!”
let the pain out . . .

til we rise . . .
like the sun
stronger . . . wiser

knowing . . .
there is always
light in the darkness

Wild Thing ©2016

The Veil Thins


Thinning Veil – photo by Wild Thing

The Veil thins
Voices rise
Time begins
Praise to the skies

Shadows dance
Witches play
On Samhain night
Their power holds sway

Gather together
Nothing to dread
Sacred circle
To honor their dead

So fear ye not
Their moonlit dance
Join them
If given the chance

Wild Thing ©2016

Dark Dream


Night Storm – photo by Wild Thing

Dark night
Wind picks up
Low rumbling

Across boards
A white chair
Tap dances

Tension builds
The rumble now
A dragon’s roar

Air crackles
Neck hair lifts

Flashes of light
Blind the eyes
Twisting limbs
No control
Flexing bending
In the wind

The crescendo
Suddenly arching
Tension breaks
Storm opens
Rain falls down
Full force

Crying out
She wakes . . . alone
Gasping for air

A dream
Just a dream
Or was it . . .

Wild Thing ©2016

Summer Sleepovers

506 (67)

Summer Dreams – photo by Wild Thing

Summer nights
Bff sleepover
Tent set up
Sleeping bags
Fireflies in a jar

Over private jokes
Sharing secrets

Zipped away
In their cocoon
Mosquitoes hum
Eyes close slowly
Preteen dreams

A loud growl
Tent shaking
Girls screaming
Coltish legs
Kicking to escape

Cool night air
Against a tree

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Prompt #48

Writing Rebelsm