Moonlight Skate


Frozen Moon – photo by Wild Thing

Warm old truck
5 years old
“Where are we
going Daddy?”
“You’ll see.”

Rough road
Lots of bumps
She giggles
When she flies
Off her seat

Deep in the swamp
Large bag
On his shoulder
Short walk
Narrow path

Under moonlit sky
Snow glistens
On a pond
Blue square
Empty of snow

nature’s bench
Carefully stacked
Just offshore
Bonfire wood

In the bag
His old ones
New white
Double blade
Ones for her

Hand in hand
He guides her
Teaches her
Until sure
She can skate
On her own

Wild Thing ©2017

Written for Prompt 2.21
Writing Rebels




Carnival – photo by Wild Thing

Late night glow
Dim kitchen light
Before him
Stacks of dimes
Nickels, pennies, quarters,
Lined in neat rows 

Pocket change
Saved for a year
To be separated
Counted carefully
For the dull colored sleeves
Waiting to be filled 

Vacation money
Some years more
Others less
This year less
Looks like carnival year
Kid in him smiles 

Whirling rides
Screaming laughter
Hucksters yelling
Games of chance
Corn-dogs and Coca-Cola
Cotton candy dessert 

Star bursts
Rains down
Red and gold
Sparks of beauty
“That’s my favorite Daddy!”
He smiles down 

Night’s end
Three very tired
One carried
A hand held
One hugging a huge bear
Skips along behind

Wild Thing ©2016