Earth Healing


A Moment in Time – photo by Wild Thing

Dense fog
Crows overhead
Break the silence
One leaf falls
Earth’s poetry
To heal a soul

Wild Thing ©2017

Written for Prompt 2.13 Writing Outside the Lines

Dark Places


Darkness – photo by Wild Thing

Shoulders drop
Head down
Dark … cold

Harsh words
In her head
Hard … loud

Mirrored visage
Blue black eyes
Scarred face

Broken glass
Woman’s photo
Strangely familiar

Words again
“Crazy… Nutso”
She’d answer
“I’m not”

Must be true
Why say it
If not
If so …

Is required

The outside
Must reflect
Ugly inside

Broken glass
In trembling hand

Deep now
Two marks
On each cheek

One for Crazy
Another for

Wild Thing©2016



Fogged State – photo by Wild Thing

fish fry
everyone there
said yes
will end it
in a month
mom pushes
for a date
dad’s business
wiped out
mom fired
sis and brother
still in school
left college
found a job
my family
new house
had to be sold
broke mom’s heart
bought Christmas
boom box
for brother
hope chest
for sister
turned 20
told mom
no wedding
she said
cold feet
shake it off
money already spent
grasped my arm
it hurt
dad called out
now what
mom said
forgot to
take up the hem
kicked my
wedding dress
down the aisle
crying all the way

Wild Thing ©2017


. . . hint of being
exotic whiff
. . . captivating
mysterious ways

. . . deep night
candle companion
. . . familiar
becomes sinister

. . . dark hours
hellhounds arrive
. . . harbingers of fear

Wild Thing ©2017

For a Moment

we were rebels
screaming no
to our parents’ life
exploring our world
roof down music loud
oh how happy

sat on car hoods
held hands
watched sunsets
in our eyes
percy’s warm
and tender love

dusk fall
dirt road trails
old abandoned house
weed walking
breath held in fright
season of the witch

snow fall night
empty parking lots
back bumper skiing
laughter caught in air
glittery eyelashes
made my heart sing

Wild Thing©2016

Time Change


The Light – photo by Wild Thing

Spring ahead
Fall back
Her body hates
The biannual attack

Five am
Wide awake
An early rising
She can’t shake

She hates
Floors creaky
Stiff and sore
Walking sneaky

Don’t wake
Others sleeping
Gently snoring
Dreams keeping

5 am witch
Bad for all
When clocks turn
Back in the fall

Ben Franklin
She sighs
T’was his idea
To lighten the skies

Coffee done
Warm cup
Another hour
Before all is up

She sits
Makes a list
A quiet hour
Otherwise missed

She finds
An upside
To this change
Not to be lightly
Thrown aside

Gathering thoughts
Time well spent
Can’t be bought

It’s a fact
Known by everyone
A witch’s work
Is never done

Wild Thing©2016

The Veil Thins


Thinning Veil – photo by Wild Thing

The Veil thins
Voices rise
Time begins
Praise to the skies

Shadows dance
Witches play
On Samhain night
Their power holds sway

Gather together
Nothing to dread
Sacred circle
To honor their dead

So fear ye not
Their moonlit dance
Join them
If given the chance

Wild Thing ©2016

Caramel Kisses

548 Oct (56)

Raspberry Autumn – photo by Wild Thing

fine autumn day
sunshine bright …
she smiles at me
like a kid
in my flannel shirt
sleeves rolled up
hem fluttering
around her knees

cruisin along …
open windows
whip her hair
oldies radio on
she sings with …

in no hurry
we stop at a
roadside stand …
get some apples
caramels and sticks …
pumpkins too

she snaps my pic
then laughing
to the car …
fat pumpkin
in her arms

that night
our eyes meet …
apples forgotten …
in the moment
of trading
caramel kisses

Wild Thing ©2016