Autumn Burdock – photo by Wild Thing

A promise given
With joy
Gently placed
In a basket
To be savored
Until its arrival
With expectation
Hopeful days
It never comes

Another promise
In the basket
It goes
Believing again
Only to see
It curls up
Like the other

Soon the basket
Fills with
Withered promises
It’s put away
With the pain
Of being forgotten

More promises
Like butterflies
Then flutter away

Leaving behind
That it will
Never happen
Which is
Better than

Wild Thing ©February 18, 2017

*This poem was written for the Prompt 2.17 for the Writing Rebels.
It must suck to have promises made that are never kept. I mean we all know what it’s like, but to be an entire race of people? I think of Standing rock … being Black … Hispanic … all the broken promises made to them & then I am ashamed to bemoan any that have been broken to me. Anyway, I tried to capture that feeling & don’t think I came very close to it … but for what it’s worth. This was my attempt.

The Thieves of Hearts


photo by – Annie

*Special Note*
I wrote this for my dear friend Annie who recently lost her beloved little kitty.

They arrive
Unlooked for
Winning you over
With playful ways
To make you laugh

Each unique
In personality
Still sharing the
Feline independence
Grace agility

Some stay a
Then there are
Those chosen few
Who stay for
A season or two

We nurse them
Give a life
Of freedom
Unconditional love
For with them
That’s how it is

Then they go
Feeling their loss
A little deeper
No matter what
We tell ourselves
We ask
Why steal our heart
Only to leave

Little Thieves
Take that gift
To those
Who have left
It helps them wait
They see you again

Wild Thing ©2017

Being as Good as Good Can Be

** Special Note: A  year ago on September 1st, my dear friend Bea passed. I have written the following in remembrance of her. If you would like to see my personal tribute to her you can view it at my youtube channel: photos by Wild Thing on YouTube Thank you … **

You told me
Do not grieve
Or cry
And sent Orbie
To help
Still I grieved
And I cried

I did for others
All I could
For their grief
You thought
No one
Would notice
You were gone
They did

Time passed
Soon all went on
Then I felt it
The loss
Pain, loneliness
I needed you
You weren’t there

I’ve done my best
This past year
Have felt you
Heard you
Your visits
So well timed

The future
Lies ahead
I feel you here
By my side
And I’m okay
Being as good
As good can be

Wild Thing ©2016