A Woman

The Wild

The Wild ~ Digital Art by Wild Thing

A woman
Will stand a lot
From a man
When she knows
She is first
In his heart

Coming home
Late from fishing
A wildflower
Softens her eyes
Over the burnt
Offerings of dinner

Words of love
On a busy day
To let her
Know she’s
Being thought of
Makes the hours
Fly by

Holding her close
Swaying to
Imaginary music
To tell her
She’s beautiful
As she cleans
And watch her
Become so

Surprise her
With laughter
When life becomes
Then James Dean
For a little
But never cruel

Know her ways
The signs
She gives
That tells you
Of her needs

Late at night
Love her tenderly
Madly, wildly
Over and over
Until finally
Sated, she sleeps

Yes, a woman
Will stand a lot
From a man
When she knows
She is first
In his heart

Wild Thing ©July 5, 2017


Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice – by Wild Thing

I am proud to share with you, the announcement of my first book: Finding My Voice. It’s a Collection of what I consider to be my best poems, paired with some of my photos that have been digitally altered by me.

It’s printed on white paper and the art is full color that has a slight gloss to it. It was my goal to create something unique that would be at home on your bookshelf or your coffee table.

The poetry is some works that have appeared here as well as some that is new. It is my hope that you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together for you.

Get your copy today: Finding My Voice by Wild Thing

Wild Thing

Never-Ending Game

Memories - digital art by Wild Thing

It’s the 16th inning
We’ve stretched twice
Bears arrive late
As though it’s
Just begun

Mrs O’Leary’s Cow
Sips “tea” delicately
In her beautiful
Rose chintz china
With a goat
Named Murphy

They give
Color commentary
Their finest brogue
A bit slurred
And funny too

(Sure an’
They’re on
Their 4th “teapot”
Ye know)

Sailor Jack
His dog Bingo
Sell candied
Popcorn and peanuts
To sleepy children

Fans still cheer
As if we’re
Just starting
While #14
Yells from
Right foul pole
“Let’s play two!”

On the field
43 k’s so far
And counting
Bats and records
Starting to break

Leo “The Lip”
Argues with Joe
Behind the plate
Kicks dirt then
Storms away

Players left stranded
Like wallflowers
The Babe claps
Organ music plays us
Into the 17th inning

As Jack Brickhouse
Pours more “tea”
Into rose chintz cups

Wild Thing @May8, 2017



Autumn Burdock – photo by Wild Thing

A promise given
With joy
Gently placed
In a basket
To be savored
Until its arrival
With expectation
Hopeful days
It never comes

Another promise
In the basket
It goes
Believing again
Only to see
It curls up
Like the other

Soon the basket
Fills with
Withered promises
It’s put away
With the pain
Of being forgotten

More promises
Like butterflies
Then flutter away

Leaving behind
That it will
Never happen
Which is
Better than

Wild Thing ©February 18, 2017

*This poem was written for the Prompt 2.17 for the Writing Rebels.
It must suck to have promises made that are never kept. I mean we all know what it’s like, but to be an entire race of people? I think of Standing rock … being Black … Hispanic … all the broken promises made to them & then I am ashamed to bemoan any that have been broken to me. Anyway, I tried to capture that feeling & don’t think I came very close to it … but for what it’s worth. This was my attempt.

The Cletis Shoppe

. . . dawn in her eyes
rose on blue
CL Stump

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The Cletis Shoppe


We’re Okay


Widow’s Walk – photo by Wild Thing

Storm has past
Leaving a strange
Green light
Branches . . . twigs
Fallen to the ground

Distant rumble
Echoes back
As a taunt
Perhaps a threat
It could come back

Unknown paper
Straggles by
Unable to walk
A straight line
Dizzy from its ride

Homes dark
No light
Shines from within
Each looking
Like a death mask

People stand
Outside dazed
Taking stock
Clean up, repairs
Counting their blessings

Here, there
Cell phone
To the ear
“Yes, we’re ok,
It only stormed here.”

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Prompt #51

Writing Rebelsm

No Regrets


No Regrets – photo by Wild Thing

They say
The saddest words
Are “It might
Have been.”

What does
That bring but
Heartache and regret

It only makes
Harder to face

Why question Fate
And tempt
Her fickle temper

She could make
You regret asking
What might have been

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Prompt #50
Writing Rebelsm

Enjoy A Simpler Time

Her BookDiva Write up.jpg

One thing that so many people miss out on when they don’t give independent authors a look are hidden gems like this book: Small Town USA by Karen Louise Ray.

I loved Small Town USA by Karen Louise Ray, It took me back to a simpler time when all you had to worry about was your mother calling you by all three of your names. Her delightful poems of growing up in Any Small Town, USA will take you back to a softer time.

If anyone who reads this doesn’t find a hidden memory here I’d be surprised. The poem that hit me the hardest was the poem about her dad and his lunch pail.

It brought back a special memory I have of my Dad that I have just written about. It wasn’t the only one to trigger a memory, but it was the one that stood out. Others made me laugh out loud & some brought a tightness to my throat. All of them have a nostalgic charm.

Take the time to sit down with this lovely book and be prepared to time travel. Smell, feel, taste, hear, and touch your childhood in a lovely, tender way through Ms Ray’s sweetly written words. To purchase this beautiful book click here on Small Town USA and it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase this delightful book and relive your childhood.

Wild Thing

Magick in Words

Her Books

Truthfully, I don’t know where to start to describe this author! If you aren’t following her blog, or are one of her Writing Rebels, or following her on Twitter, or reading her monthly submissions at Downtown LA Life online magazine, well then you are missing out. BUT, you can get a glimpse of her talent and energy! She writes for herself and with a passion for what she is writing. She shares of herself unstintingly in her poetry/prose in a way that touches you. Truly there is magick in her words!

Go to Amazon and get one of her books. Just click on the word Amazon wherever you see it in this posting and it will open in a new window to her author page at Amazon where you can pick up one of her books. Remember … to buy one of her books, just click on Amazon .

Not sure you want to go to Amazon ? Well, why not go to her blog, Annie’s Muse and read a bit there. You can get a taste of her writing there. Some biting, some humorous, some wistful, haunting and some just takes to another plane. No matter what, the passion of Texas is there beating in her heart.

She also shares her writing at Downtown LA Life Online Magazin in not one but two features! One she shares her delicious recipes from her life growing up with a surprising twist to them and in the other is always a wonderful short story either of fiction or from her life. When from her life, you may laugh, but you also may cry. Annie gets it right each time.

Oh I’m not done yet! Are you a writer? Do you ever find yourself in a rut, blocked, needing a push? Then you need to join Annie’s Writing Rebels! That’s right … this busy woman also has a blog where you can each week on Sunday, find a prompt to write to. Annie’s prompts are challenging and stretch your writing muscles!

It is here that I must interject and just say that without Annie having done this, I would not have found my voice and probably would have given up on writing all together. I was floundering in the micropoetry world and had figured I might as well hang it up. Annie began her Writing Rebels and despite my absolute fear at my even attempting to produce anything nearly credible as writing to this zealous author was daunting.

Her encouragement and kind words kept me coming back and helped me grow. Without her I would have left writing behind me. Now I’m not great, not even close and I’m pretty sure she cringes at most of my submissions, but like photography, writing takes practice AND you have to love what you’re writing about. So come join the rest of us Writing Rebels at Writing Outside the Lines

Now … if this hasn’t made you want to go to Amazon and buy one of Annie’s books, then I don’t know what else would make you!

Wild Thing


For The Love of Reading


Are you a reader? I mean a REAL reader! Someone who loves any genre … from the sensual to the dramatic to poetic? Then you must visit my friend @CletisStump ‘s author page at Amazon where you can purchase his poetry books and his Novels.

I have read each and every one of them and can tell you that each one of them are worth reading! I find that as an author, he has carefully sifted through his words and chosen exactly how he wants you, the reader, to feel.

His novels are more than they seem, there is a universal philosophical thread running through them that has stood the test of time. The Turner Chronicles looks to be a part of a series and I for one am hoping so. I want to find out what happens next for the Turner family.

His poetry books are micropoetry at its very best. No extra words are there to cloud or confuse you. They get right to the heart of the matter. I don’t think that I can even properly say enough about the writing without sounding cliche except to get them and read them.

If you would like to sample his poetry, you can go to his tumblr blog Late Night Footfalls to read his poetry. Not only is his poetry there, but he also features other poets as well. The poems there are coupled with beautiful images. There is no other place on the internet that I know of like Late Night Footfalls I know you will enjoy it and it will definitely make you want to read more of his writing.

So hit the link here to go to Amazon to purchase his books today. After reading one, you’ll definitely want to get the rest.

Wild Thing