Earth Healing


A Moment in Time – photo by Wild Thing

Dense fog
Crows overhead
Break the silence
One leaf falls
Earth’s poetry
To heal a soul

Wild Thing ©2017

Written for Prompt 2.13 Writing Outside the Lines

Arah . . .


Black Moon Night – photo by Wild Thing

today we grieve . . .
wear black
beat our chests . . .

keen “ARAHHHHH!”
let the pain out . . .

til we rise . . .
like the sun
stronger . . . wiser

knowing . . .
there is always
light in the darkness

Wild Thing ©2016

The Veil Thins


Thinning Veil – photo by Wild Thing

The Veil thins
Voices rise
Time begins
Praise to the skies

Shadows dance
Witches play
On Samhain night
Their power holds sway

Gather together
Nothing to dread
Sacred circle
To honor their dead

So fear ye not
Their moonlit dance
Join them
If given the chance

Wild Thing ©2016