Custode di Segreti

Suffer Unto Me - photo by Wild Thing

Suffer Unto Me – photo by Wild Thing

Weary he listens
One by one
They come
Seeking absolution

The behavior
Hoping this time
Instead of forgiveness
They hear
They did right

Shocked by
Belief in
Their own
Moral superiority
He must guide
In some cases
Yes, admonish them

The sins
In the name of GOD
Chill his heart

He shakes
With anger
Do they not listen
Each week
To sermons given
Meant to teach
The way

He questions
Do they even
Tell truths
Or do they
Withhold deeper sins

Why bother
At all
They will only
Commit their sins
Again, after piously
Listening to gospel
Taking communion

In fury
He delivers
Harsh penance
“Go and sin no more.”
Knowing they will

He waits
In silence
His anger ebbs
He leaves

Head bowed
He kneels
Crosses himself
“Strengthen me Father …”

Wild Thing ©2017


. . . hint of being
exotic whiff
. . . captivating
mysterious ways

. . . deep night
candle companion
. . . familiar
becomes sinister

. . . dark hours
hellhounds arrive
. . . harbingers of fear

Wild Thing ©2017

Dark Dream


Night Storm – photo by Wild Thing

Dark night
Wind picks up
Low rumbling

Across boards
A white chair
Tap dances

Tension builds
The rumble now
A dragon’s roar

Air crackles
Neck hair lifts

Flashes of light
Blind the eyes
Twisting limbs
No control
Flexing bending
In the wind

The crescendo
Suddenly arching
Tension breaks
Storm opens
Rain falls down
Full force

Crying out
She wakes . . . alone
Gasping for air

A dream
Just a dream
Or was it . . .

Wild Thing ©2016

Carnival of Lost Souls


Back in Time – photo by Wild Thing

Top Hat gleaming
Barker calls out
A wily smile
Designed to lure
Cajole and entice

“Come inside
See the Bearded Lady
The Lobster Boy
Be Amazed …!”

Taking money
Ushering people in
Then calling out
One last time

Tent flap falls

Audience laughs
Jeers and shouts
A few nervously
Some gasp
One runs out

The Bearded Lady approaches
Macabre smile
Twisting her
Garish painted lips

”Is okay . . .
Ve all go a little mad
sometimes . . .
In the Carnival of Lost Souls”

Wild Thing ©2017

Let’s Go


Memories Revisited – photo by Wild Thing

She pulled up in
our old green buick
Laid on the horn
Yelled, “Hey!
Let’s go lose ourselves
For a day … maybe a week
Hell, forever baby!” 

Horn blasts again
I look out
There she sits
Behind the wheel
Daisy in her hair

Wild Thing ©2016


Grampa’s Chocolate Kisses


Grandpa’s Chocolate Kisses – photo by Wild Thing

Victorian house
Upstairs apartment
Outside noises
Busy street corner 

Dust motes dance
Tiny ballerina dots
Wagner on sunshine 

Objects of silver
Flash from a
Dormant fireplace 

Playing with magnets
Opposites attract
Tinfoil treats
Grampa’s chocolate kisses

Wild Thing @2016

Sherridan’s Face


Brother Can You Spare .50 – photo by Wild Thing

Co-written by Wild Thing & Cletis L Stump

Cold night
Street walkin’
Askin’ for help

Windy city
Hands shakin’
Coat too thin
Lights change
Cars movin’

Five dollars

Not enough
But all I had

Wild Thing & Cletis L Stump ©May 15, 2016

I took this photo in Chicago in March, 2016.
This man was only one of the many homeless that
I photographed while I was there. WT