Bright Morning

Bright Morning – photo by Wild Thing

Shared memories
Joys . . . sorrows
Late night giggles
Life passages
First bras
Boyfriends too
Drivers licenses
High school job
Santa’s lap
Shopping for birthdays
Gladys Cravitz
Three cent tip
Laughter . . . tears
Prom disaster
Drifting apart
Finding each other
Real friend

Wild Thing ©May 3, 2017


2 thoughts on “Laurie

  1. Oh my goodness…..this is wonderful! Late night giggles, yes~how I remember those uncontrolled giggles and getting severely scolded by your mother, who was trying to sleep. Now as a mother, I get her frustration. First bras, oh ya. Due to genetics, desperately needed. Remember that 6th grade photo? Could have used a more supportive device! Thankfully, still need the support today! Boyfriends, became husbands who try to keep us grounded. Driving, yes, jobs~ it was great to work so hard side by side, being a waitress is a tough gig….everyone should have a try in the restaurant world to get an inside peek and see that if ran like a well oiled machine, it takes full effort by all team members. This gives you an appreciation that you will never have if you’ve not done the time. And do you not wonder who was behind that Santa beard? I sure do. Poor guy should not have to have teenage girls posing on his lap. It’s just not right, but our sense of right and wrong wasn’t firmly established in our childhood. Quickly forgiving? Um, let’s be honest for a moment. I’m not great in that department and best I recall, I can hold a grudge for decades (and I apologize for that). Poor judgement on my part. I am so glad that God cracked me aside the head at Celebrate Recovery to find you again. Thank you friend for the beautiful poem!

    • Ahhhhhh … there we were just two young girls finding our way in life! We were so naive … but the giggling oh the giggling … to the point of not being able to speak! Thank god we had young bladders then! ;))) Oh to find our way back to each other was always meant to be my dearest and oldest friend … the universe gives us one real friend in life … and I am blessed that it gave me you! All the love in my heart!

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