Time Change


The Light – photo by Wild Thing

Spring ahead
Fall back
Her body hates
The biannual attack

Five am
Wide awake
An early rising
She can’t shake

She hates
Floors creaky
Stiff and sore
Walking sneaky

Don’t wake
Others sleeping
Gently snoring
Dreams keeping

5 am witch
Bad for all
When clocks turn
Back in the fall

Ben Franklin
She sighs
T’was his idea
To lighten the skies

Coffee done
Warm cup
Another hour
Before all is up

She sits
Makes a list
A quiet hour
Otherwise missed

She finds
An upside
To this change
Not to be lightly
Thrown aside

Gathering thoughts
Time well spent
Can’t be bought

It’s a fact
Known by everyone
A witch’s work
Is never done

Wild Thing©2016


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