A New Adventure!


Forgiving – photo by Wild Thing

Again, my apologies for being AWOL . . . Each month I am honored to submit my photos to a wonderful online magazine called Downtown LA Life. In September in a conversation with the editors, I joked about experiences that I have had in my life that were pretty funny. They told me to write a story about it.

I thought about and then wrote the first one that came to mind. I submitted it with my monthly collection of photos and usual small article of the month about the autumnal equinox or as it’s known to us pagans, Mabon. They liked my story and I was asked to do another.  It will now be a regular part of my monthly contribution to this wonderful online group of creative people. As I fully intend for this blog to be primarily a poetry blog, the stories will not appear here.

As I have sadly neglected these pages for this new adventure, I have decided that I will post the first 2 stories here for you. After that, please do go to the site itself and read them. I promise you, that once you’re there, you will want to bookmark the site and return often. This site offers some of the best writing and art on the web today and I can’t tell you how much this meager witch with her small stories is overwhelmed to be among this prestigious group of talent.

I do hope you will go to Downtown La Life and check out the Wild Thing Experience!

So without further ado, I give you the first story . . .

Wildly Yours,

Wild Thing


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