Being as Good as Good Can Be

** Special Note: A  year ago on September 1st, my dear friend Bea passed. I have written the following in remembrance of her. If you would like to see my personal tribute to her you can view it at my youtube channel: photos by Wild Thing on YouTube Thank you … **

You told me
Do not grieve
Or cry
And sent Orbie
To help
Still I grieved
And I cried

I did for others
All I could
For their grief
You thought
No one
Would notice
You were gone
They did

Time passed
Soon all went on
Then I felt it
The loss
Pain, loneliness
I needed you
You weren’t there

I’ve done my best
This past year
Have felt you
Heard you
Your visits
So well timed

The future
Lies ahead
I feel you here
By my side
And I’m okay
Being as good
As good can be

Wild Thing ©2016


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