12 For a Day

600 July  (24)

Outgrown – photo by Wild Thing

This morning
I put braids in my hair
One on each side
As I did when 12
Not sure why
I just did

I got the mail
Avoiding cracks
Didn’t want to break
My mother’s back
She passed away
Nine years ago
But who’s counting

At lunch
I challenged
Last one to
Finish their milk
Is a rotten egg!
Does it count …
If you’re alone

In my fort
A blanket draped
Between two chairs
I curled up
Sharing my secrets
With my cat
Until I fell asleep
The cat
Thinks I’m crazy

I didn’t eat
My vegetables
And at bath time
Tried styling my
Soapy hair
Ala Pippi Longstocking
Didn’t work at 12
Didn’t work now

In bed
Snuggled deep
Peering out the window
Wish I may
Wish I might
Have the wish
I wish tonight
I know it won’t
Even so … happily
I tuck myself in

It wasn’t too bad
Being 12 again
For a day

Wild Thing ©2016



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