Sherridan’s Face


Brother Can You Spare .50 – photo by Wild Thing

Co-written by Wild Thing & Cletis L Stump

Cold night
Street walkin’
Askin’ for help

Windy city
Hands shakin’
Coat too thin
Lights change
Cars movin’

Five dollars

Not enough
But all I had

Wild Thing & Cletis L Stump ©May 15, 2016

I took this photo in Chicago in March, 2016.
This man was only one of the many homeless that
I photographed while I was there. WT



10 thoughts on “Sherridan’s Face

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  2. Very personal, but also touches a nerve on our culture. This brings to mind the disparity between the rich and poor in this country and how those more fortunate are so damn judgmental, assuming those not so well-off are lazy, when many are working demeaning low-pay part-time jobs serving the same fat cats who keep them down. Touched a nerve? Damn betcha. I’m judgmental toward them. They are a big part of the world’s problems.

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