Velvet Footbridge


Velvet Footbridge – photo by Wild Thing

Spring morning
Earth warms
Old tree fell
Over green stream
Into forest deep 

Time crawls by
Faeries do work
Keepers of nature
On light feet
Cross the bridge 

Dew sparkles
In moss beards
Hanging low
Worms feast
On autumn leaves 

Unplug eyes … ears
From phones … tablets 

Plug into nature
No batteries needed
Only water crashes
Bugs have wings
Freezes only in winter

Wild Thing ©2016
#photochallenge #Earth



11 thoughts on “Velvet Footbridge

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  2. What modern life does is to make us forget that entropy rules the universe on every level, but walking through a woods makes it clear. Whether faeries or entropy, it makes for interesting stories and images. But beware using that mossy bridge. There could be a troll.

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