Do lilacs have a scent?

Oh yes, they do 

Tell me 

To me they are spring
Soft sweet fresh 

Do they smell in the morning? 

Yes, they’re the best
On a cool spring morning
Nothing better 

       You are lilacs to me

       What a sweet thing to say
       You make me feel beautiful 

Here I’ve brought you lilacs 

Oh my favorite thank you
It’s so sweet you remember
I’m so touched 

       The lilacs will bloom soon 


       Next day or two 

       There are different kinds you know
       Different colors
       Some bloom longer 

       I know
       I like my old fashioned purple ones 

Lilacs bloomed today
Sweet morning scent
Hugging me as I cried

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for #FWF Prompt:
"The Last Cry"

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