Medusa’s Own

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Background – photo by Wild Thing / Celtic Couple Art – Artist Unknown

Please … I am lost
Come find me
I need only
Your voice
To find my way 

Mist is thickening
Tendrils curling
Delving deeper
Trying to take hold 

I cry out again
Please … find me
Weakened voice
Falls on stone
Silence answers 

Tendrils grasping
Medusa’s own
Weaving tightly
Refusing to break

Even breathing
One last cry
Please …
Come find me

Wild Thing ©2016

7 thoughts on “Medusa’s Own

  1. I could read a variety of things into this, Shelly, but I won’t. I’ll just appreciate the words, well put together. BTW, only I could find me…a work in progress, and about time.

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