The Lotharios


Looking Back – photo by Wild Thing

They stood each day
8th grade Lotharios
Waiting for her
A senior girl
They had chosen
As their ideal
They couldn’t say
But, like Clara Bow
She had “it”
At least in their eyes
She knew them by name
Always smiled
At homecoming
Gave her flowers
For Valentines Day
Candy Grams
She said thank you
Never rolled her eyes
Opening doors
And holding down
Water fountain handles
Special honors
Between classes
Older guys
Feeling superior
Shook their heads
Knowingly as
Books and shirts
Were held down low
All too soon
Graduation Day
May 1979
She stood
Tearfully holding
8 red roses
One from each Lothario

Wild Thing ©2016

11 thoughts on “The Lotharios

  1. I don’t know how I missed this, Shelly, but I’m glad to see it now. My school was so big I didn’t know more than a relative handful of people…and never was part of the popular crowd. If there was a similar scene, I never saw it, but it’s totally believable. Nice. Especially liked the part that said “Tearfully holding 8 red roses”. Could identify with the emotion. Like I said…nice.

    • Thanks… My class was the largest class to ever graduate 112! hahahaha … The whole school has elementary through high school in one big building … so it’s easy to know someone their entire life in our little community! And the Jr. High & High School are not separated entirely … ;))) Thanks Robert…

      • Hard to imagine. I grew up in a suburb that was nonetheless the 9th largest city in Ohio. Graduated with 969 others, in a school that was only 9th-12th grades. Still think I got a good education…but the large numbers prepared me for larger at a huge university. I’m amazed by small town stories, and you can bet I likely won’t be writing any. Your genre is safe. :-}

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