A New Alice . . .

518 June SP (4)

Painting the Roses Red – photo by Wild Thing

No Disney Alice
In demure pinafore
With black patents
And perfect hair

A Runaway Alice
Long jean skirt and halter-top
Sandals on her feet 

Flowers in her hair
Love and peace
Rock and roll
Panhandled for money 

The Mad Hatter said
Turn on tune in drop out
So poor Alice fell
Down the rabbit hole 

Her Mad Hatter
Gave her trips through her veins
Fuzzing her mind 

Hookah pipes
Skipped along
Filled her lungs
Clouded her days 

The caterpillar
With the Cheshire grin
Watched her with lust in his eyes 

She tried to paint
The roses red
Before the queen
Took off her head 

Sadly the queen
Not a royal being
Knocked over the bucket
Spilled the paint

The Mad Hatter
And caterpillar
Merely watched
As it drained away 

Poor Alice
Stuck forever
Trying to paint roses red 

The Mad Hatter
Shakes his head
Wanders off 
Looking for Alice

Wild Thing ©2016

This poem was written for
Magic in the Backyard Blog's #FWF Challenge
FWF 5 Tell the Story of Alice was a Dreamsm.jpg


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