The photo is not mine … but was the prompt for #FWF

Retreat was given
Men fell back
Carrying the living
Dead left behind 

Vasily lay there
Left for dead
Slowly he
Started to crawl 

The trees
Not far
They would hide
His escape 

Inside the forest
He rested
Deep breaths 

Smell of smoke
Burning flesh
Yes … burning
The dead 

Eyelids heavy
He slept
Not practical 
But … 

Grey daylight
He woke
Stiff he moved
Escape a must 

With caution
Vasily made
Good time 

No watch
Lost it fighting
He guessed
It was noon

Not much
He’d reunite
With his army 

And then
Before him
It stood
The piano 

He knew
He should
Pass it
Keep walking 

To stop
And play it
Would mean
His death 

Only one song
He had to
Play it 

What song
So compelled
To give his life for?

Click here to find out

Wild Thing ©2016

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