Waiting …


Pinta on the Mississippi – photo by Wild Thing

On the docks
Vessel loaded
Stood two
Small silver ring
Vow of return
Placed on
Her forefinger 

World is flat
They claimed
Wrong he felt
He would find
His fortune
So he could
Marry his love 

She stood
Watching him
Swallowed up
By the horizon
Retracing her steps
Back home
To wait for him 

Dreaming of
Her gaudy day
When they wed
How lavish
All would come
And marvel at
How rich it was 

Each day
In the setting sun
She stood
Waiting for him
Spinning dreams
Praying the world
Was not flat

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Writer's Digest
April's Poem a Day Challenge #15 
Using: vessel, ring, gaudy, lavish

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