The Mad Rambling of An Aquarian Mind – Part Deux


The Aquarian Mind – photo by Wild Thing

Screen in front
Prompt in hand
Scribbled outline
Just to the right
Time to create 

Quick flash
Then falling
Deep into
The labyrinth of
Aquarian mind 

First here
Quickly there
Off topic now
Back to the first
By the way 

Phone rings
Listening and reading
Sending a text
Still thinking
Of the next idea 

Talking to self
Asking questions
Arguing a point
Mental dictation
Send an email 

Four hours gone
Blank screen
Still there
Typing begins
Quick changes 

Read over
Change this
Read aloud
Change that
Walk away 

Come back
New idea
Whole rewrite
Submit original 

Not crazy
No A.D.D.
Just the mad
Rambling of an
Aquarian Mind

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Writer's Digest
April's Poem a Day Challenge #12 "Silly"

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