Trying Not To . . .


Cold Rock Wall – photo by Wild Thing

Wall of silence
Stiff … cold

Why build another
In response? 

Holding brick
And trowel
Fighting the urge
To build a wall 

Dropping them
As if naked
No defense 

Gaze unwavering
Truth there
Nothing hidden
Still silence 

What is required?
Life’s blood?
Take it
No need for it 

The heart
Take that too
Without blood 

Soul follows
Fading now
Bones Left
Carrion pickings 

Wall stands
Defending against

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Writer's Digest
April's Poem a Day Challenge #11

14 thoughts on “Trying Not To . . .

  1. Shelly … you just get better with each poem … I know this challenge was a big leap of faith, but you are coming into your own with each daily prompt … BRAVO! And … your photo sealed the deal!

    • Thank you Annie … it is HARD exposing one’s life like this … especially when showing something so personal … but I have you to thank …tho this one was NOT a hit at WD … hahahahaha ;)))

      • You are finding not only your voice but your creative stride so to speak in a new artistic venue! You have the best of both worlds … your own pictures to illustrate your amazing words.

        None of my poems have been hits … oh well, I write for me!

      • Ohhh … I don’t know my pool one and “trying” have not been liked so maybe my streak is over … flash in the pan … we’ll see with the ones I post tonight … took me all day to write them! XXXOOO

      • Bah… my fave about the pool tournament no one liked…and Trying no one liked either … and the one about my art piece you were the only one to comment on! we’ll see … after the two I put up tonight … took all day … flash in the pan maybe … ;))) XXXOOO

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