Daddy Come Get Me


The Source – photo by Wild Thing

3:45 a.m. phone rings
childlike voice
“Daddy? Can you come get me?”
he dresses quickly

starts the truck
barely lets it warm up
surreal streets
lit for Christmas

he sees her
a forlorn figure
his little girl
tears in her eyes
lips trembling

A gentle tone
“What happened?”
fighting tears back
“We broke up.”
His hand tentative

he pats her softly
with foundry
roughened hands
out of his element
“Plenty of fish in the sea.”

tear filled eyes
look up
“Thank you, Daddy,”
she wouldn’t cry
not in front of him
“it’ll be ok honey”

her chin comes up
he notes with pride
“I know,” she says
truck in gear
surreal streets again

he watches her
sadly walk inside
no longer a child
not as easy to protect

he leaves

sits on a bucket
pole in hand
as if frozen

sun comes up

Wild Thing ©2016 Written for Magic in the Backyard Blog’s #FWF Challenge #3


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