Urban Art


Urban Art – photo by Wild Thing

Five bills for supplies
Inner city artist
His medium sprays
Boxcar for canvas
A gallery in every city

Done in dark
Light means jail
Works quickly
Watchman unpaid
Work often left undone

Different place
Night after night
No large crew
Givies up sleep
For his art

Perfected technique
Tag recognized
For the first time
Pride swells
He walks by unknown

New night
Another design
Little more flourish
He’s somebody now

Wild Thing ©April 8, 2016

Written for Writer’s Digest Poem a Day Challenge #7 WD 7 Urban


6 thoughts on “Urban Art

  1. Some street art is truly amazing, though guerrilla taggers aren’t so admired by many property owners. But like how you caught the rebellious spirit the artists exhibit, Shelly.

    • it is … and I know they aren’t … what hurts my heart is that they have this burning desire to create but no other avenue to release it … so this is what happens…imagine if given brushes, paints and canvas and taught … oh my god … how many Van Goghs, Rembrandts, or even Da Vinci’s have we let slip through the cracks? I can’t bear to think …

      • The real trouble is that lots of wonderful art created already goes begging for buyers, making “starving artist” not just a stereotypical label for those who paint sofa-size paintings for sale at Holiday Inn. Art just doesn’t get the respect it’s due, and it never has. Think Vincent Van Gogh. Not that there are a lot of Vincents, but there are many very fine artists who just give up. The works of big named artists of the past skew what market there is. That’s even more sad, and it hits home with me, because I’ve lived it.

      • Exactly … I think it’s one of the reasons I stopped painting … and switched to photography, but even there I run into the whole over photo shopped crap now. No one just snaps a shot anymore. They now overedit the photo to the point where poor Mother Nature’s beauty can’t even produce the effects they create in photo shop! Water no longer looks like water … it looks like sheets of cotton candy for pete’s sake!

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