Night of the Druids

Night of the Druids

Night of the Druids – by Cletis L Stump 6/2014*

Time for gathering
Under stone monoliths
Druid designed
Dragon assembled
Together as one 

Full moon shines
Wind howls
Bodhrán keeps time
Ritual dance
Aonach opens 

Sacred groves
Rustle in song
As voices join
Welcomes all
Bonfires on hills 

Call to East
Then to South
Call to West
Then to North
Elemental homes 

Magick blessings
Given to all
Food and drink
Trades made
Treaties agreed 

Tribal peace reigns
Wheel will turn
Once more 
And again
A year of balance 

Wild Thing ©2016

*Special note The art work above was done by 
Cletis L Stump for me in June, 2014.
It now hangs above my altar 
in my home ... and inspires me daily. 
See more of his work here:

Written for Writer's Digest April's
Poem a Day Challenge #6
WD 6 Fave Art Piece


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