Who’s Next?


Shoot ’em!

Odd couple
Walk in together
Heads turn briefly
Low hum of voices

Eyes adjusting
From light to dark
He; older, wiser
She; younger, smart
They KNEW him

All watched them
As they approached
Money came out
Words exchanged
He gestured to her

Vendor's eyebrows up
Chews on cigar
Skeptically he nods
Takes the money
Points to a table

Walking to the table
She remains silent
Opens the case
Assembles the cue
He racks the balls

Hidden glances
Become open stares
Sitting down
Crossing his legs
He lights a smoke

She breaks hard
5 balls drop
4 left to shoot
Chalks up
Aim, Stroke, Shoot

The table emptied
He racks again
She lights a smoke
Exhales looks around
Smiles at her competitors

Wild Thing ©2016

Written for Writer's Digest April's Poem a Day Challenge #5
WD 5 Experience Inexperience

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