Three in One

501 May (23)

Maiden Mother Crone

Bodhrán beats out
Honor and keep
The Ancient truth
Of Three in one
Maiden Mother Crone
Feminine Sacred
Our Divine Goddess
In Her all three
Wisdom flows forth
For all to see

Woman's three passages 
Tenderness of the Maiden
Lessons of Mothering
Rich fabric of life
Well lived by the Crone

Dance In homage
By bonfire light
To the maiden
Joyful and free
Youthful seeds sown 

Laugh like Mother
With her child
Nursing at her breast
Knowing love full
Giving without restraint

Crone observes 
Says little
Thinks much
Borne of wisdom
From life’s experience 

All part of a whole
Flowing seamlessly
Like seasons changing
From one to the next
Maiden Mother Crone 

Wild Thing©

This poem was written for the Writer's Digest April Poem a Day Challenge
WD 3 Three


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