What Rule?

566 Jan (3)

Butterflies in Winter

No alarm needed
Not this day
Bounding from bed
Chilly floor untouched
By winged feet

Treasure hunt begins
Finally found
Top closet shelf
Under a box of butterflies
On the skateboard

One quick tug
Butterflies were free
Skateboard took flight
All unnoticed
Treasure box secure

Two steps back
One hop up
Gingerly opening the lid
There special clothes
Worn only once a year

Dressed and ready
Out she strolls
Her neighbors peeking
Each year waiting
To watch her strut

One sock green yellow striped
One purple with pink dots
Red chiffon skirt
Silver top with gold bells
Chartreuse fringed coat

High top converse
Shod her feet
On her silver curls
Silk black top hat
Pink silk scarf trailing

On April Fool’s Day
What rule is there?
Who says?
At 93
You can’t be a fool?

Wild Thing11


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