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Truthfully, I don’t know where to start to describe this author! If you aren’t following her blog, or are one of her Writing Rebels, or following her on Twitter, or reading her monthly submissions at Downtown LA Life online magazine, well then you are missing out. BUT, you can get a glimpse of her talent and energy! She writes for herself and with a passion for what she is writing. She shares of herself unstintingly in her poetry/prose in a way that touches you. Truly there is magick in her words!

Go to Amazon and get one of her books. Just click on the word Amazon wherever you see it in this posting and it will open in a new window to her author page at Amazon where you can pick up one of her books. Remember … to buy one of her books, just click on Amazon .

Not sure you want to go to Amazon ? Well, why not go to her blog, Annie’s Muse and read a bit there. You can get a taste of her writing there. Some biting, some humorous, some wistful, haunting and some just takes to another plane. No matter what, the passion of Texas is there beating in her heart.

She also shares her writing at Downtown LA Life Online Magazin in not one but two features! One she shares her delicious recipes from her life growing up with a surprising twist to them and in the other is always a wonderful short story either of fiction or from her life. When from her life, you may laugh, but you also may cry. Annie gets it right each time.

Oh I’m not done yet! Are you a writer? Do you ever find yourself in a rut, blocked, needing a push? Then you need to join Annie’s Writing Rebels! That’s right … this busy woman also has a blog where you can each week on Sunday, find a prompt to write to. Annie’s prompts are challenging and stretch your writing muscles!

It is here that I must interject and just say that without Annie having done this, I would not have found my voice and probably would have given up on writing all together. I was floundering in the micropoetry world and had figured I might as well hang it up. Annie began her Writing Rebels and despite my absolute fear at my even attempting to produce anything nearly credible as writing to this zealous author was daunting.

Her encouragement and kind words kept me coming back and helped me grow. Without her I would have left writing behind me. Now I’m not great, not even close and I’m pretty sure she cringes at most of my submissions, but like photography, writing takes practice AND you have to love what you’re writing about. So come join the rest of us Writing Rebels at Writing Outside the Lines

Now … if this hasn’t made you want to go to Amazon and buy one of Annie’s books, then I don’t know what else would make you!

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4 thoughts on “Magick in Words

  1. Damn girl … sitting here crying as I read and type … such an honor that I am not sure I deserve … thanks for this, thanks for your friendship and most of all … Thanks for YOU!

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