Enjoy A Simpler Time

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One thing that so many people miss out on when they don’t give independent authors a look are hidden gems like this book: Small Town USA by Karen Louise Ray.

I loved Small Town USA by Karen Louise Ray, It took me back to a simpler time when all you had to worry about was your mother calling you by all three of your names. Her delightful poems of growing up in Any Small Town, USA will take you back to a softer time.

If anyone who reads this doesn’t find a hidden memory here I’d be surprised. The poem that hit me the hardest was the poem about her dad and his lunch pail.

It brought back a special memory I have of my Dad that I have just written about. It wasn’t the only one to trigger a memory, but it was the one that stood out. Others made me laugh out loud & some brought a tightness to my throat. All of them have a nostalgic charm.

Take the time to sit down with this lovely book and be prepared to time travel. Smell, feel, taste, hear, and touch your childhood in a lovely, tender way through Ms Ray’s sweetly written words. To purchase this beautiful book click here on Small Town USA and it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase this delightful book and relive your childhood.

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