Spam Sammich


Cold School Days

Bell rings
Happy children
Rushed out
Bitter cold
Grey skies

Knit hat
Blond braids
Wide blue eyes
Cheap coat
Rubber boots

Silent 5 yr old
Waiting patiently
On the corner
Others push by

Leaned out
Looked listened
He’s late today
Playground empty
Wind picks up

Shivering now
Thin mittens
Fingers stinging
Toes too
Cold Rubber boots

Old Chevy
Familiar rumble
Blue eyes sparkled
Feet dancing
No longer cold

He gets out
Tall strong
Irish black hair
Jet eyes
Dark skin

“Hi Daddy!”
“Sorry Sugar,
Had to work late.”
“It’s okay Daddy
I’m fine!”

Strong arms
Lifted her high
Warm inside
Foundry & flannel
Daddy smells

She nodded
“So am I
Worked thru lunch,
Let’s see … “

Peering in
Tin lunch box
Wax paper
Uneaten sandwich
Four squares

“A sammich!”
“Yup, Spam”
“You’re favorite.”
“Sure is …
Don’t tell Mom.”

Warm happy
She shakes no
He laughs
Shifts into gear
Headed for home

Wild Thing11

This was written for a Free Write Fridays prompt found here: Free Write Fridays




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