One of spring's first flowers, the Bleeding heart ... old fashioned but so pretty ...

You’ve Always Had My Heart

He saunters in

Surveys his work

Shakes his head

Gently unwraps it

Caresses it softly

Sprinkles water

First only moist

Then wetter

Wet red clay

Bleeding hands

Shaping molding

Rivulets forming

He stands back

Gazes at it


Reaches blindly

Sculpting knife flashes

Skillful manipulation

A cut here

Just a trim there

He thinks

Slaps the clay

Forcefully at first

Then with anger

Bends it to his will


Caresses again

More water

Slash of the knife

Deep gashes

Steps back

Considers his work

He gently wraps it up


Not perfect yet

Zipping sound

Maybe next time

Red clay

Throbs faintly


Wild Thing  ©2016


5 thoughts on “Shaping

  1. Sounds about right, Shelly, from the perspective of the sculptor/potter I am…or maybe now, was. Couldn’t have more aptly described working clay after the hundreds of times I did it. Slapping and beating on it…so familiar. Nicely done. 😉

    • Having taken more art classes than I care to enumerate, sculpting being among them … thank you Robert … and in response to your tweet earlier this evening … it is a metaphor for something else too! ;))) hee hee hee

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