Time Traveler


536 Aug Blk (10)

Time Passage – photo by Wild Thing

Alarm rings
Sitting up groggy
Sleepy eyes opening
Still filled with sand
Startled by a stranger
Hello! Sleep Well?

Bolting upright
Who are you?
Looking around
Not my bed
Not my room
Where am I?

This is your life
Going back
Changing one thing?
This is the result
Who you are now

Vaguely I remember
It was a dream
Wasn’t it?
Couldn’t be real
You can’t go back
Can’t change the past

Yes you can
So smug the stranger
And here you are
Quite a change
You chose well
You are still you

I study her
Only for a minute
What about the others
Those left behind
In my old life
Do they exist?

Some do
Some don’t
Some you still know
Some you don’t
Some were meant to be
Some were not

Puzzled I thought
Who am I now?
What remains?
Do I like me?
My children!
Where are they?

She looks at me
Waiting it seems
I look back at her
Can I go back?
It’s not recommended
Why not?

Around every corner
Regret will stalk you
You’ll always wonder
What if?
Discontent will fill you
Your soul will be restless

If I stay here,
What then?
The past fades
A vague dream
Until it is nothing
No memory of it

So here I stand
On the precipice
The choice
Stay or go
Here or there
To a life of regret

Wild Thing11

Written for a Writing Outside the Lines Prompt found here: Be a Writing Rebel!

Writing Rebel.jpg


12 thoughts on “Time Traveler

  1. This is so powerful…full of emotion and the agony of making a very important choice. I interpreted the poem as a mother would…do I go to heaven and leave my children or stay. It would not be recommended because she might be a burden to their lives and no mother would wish for that. You are an amazing artist and person.

    • Thank you Liz … So very very very much … You have given me the greatest honor a reader can give someone … you saw something all your very own! And to me that is a gift beyond measure! Because now forever it is yours and yours alone. Just as someone who sees one of my pictures and sees something entirely different from someone else. I humbly thank you for this gift you’ve given me…. Wildly yours, Wild Thing

  2. Ohhh there’s the rub … I’m not sure I can … not sure how I end up certain places at times! But what I do know, is that if you put it out to the Universe, invariably the Universe answers, but there is a caveat, be careful what you wish for … and remember, the Universe will send you what you need not always what you want… ;)))

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