When a Dream Calls


Dreaming – photo by Wild Thing


I think I’ll go back to sleep
Do not lay down!
I’m tired … so tired
You must not lay down
If I sleep sitting up I’ll fall
I won’t let you fall
Ok maybe just for a bit
I’ll keep watch

Mom you don’t look so good
I’m ok I’ll be fine
I don’t know Mom
You should lay down
I will in a bit
Are you sure Mom?
Yeah I’m sure
I’ll be back to check

I really am tired
You can’t lay down
Why not just for a bit
Because you can’t
You won’t let me fall?
No I’ll keep watch
Do you promise?
You are safe here

Sandy who am I?
You’re my sister
What’s my name?
Tina that’s who you are
You need a Doctor
I’ll go in a bit
You need to go now
After I shower

Can’t I lay down now?
No you can’t
But I’m sleeping
I know you are
I’m going to fall
You haven’t fallen yet
But I might
I won’t let you

Mom the ambulance is here
Why are they here?
Auntie made me call them
Oh why did she do that?
Because you need to go
Go where?
To the hospital
Oh yes see a doctor

No laying down!
No, you can lay down now
I can?
Yes, it’s ok now
Ok then I will
Yes you’re safe now
Are you leaving?
No I’m staying with you

Mom … are you awake?
Yes, where am I?
In the hospital
Why am I here?
You almost died Mom
I did? How?
I’ll explain all that later
Ok I’m going to sleep

Mom you look way better
I’m feeling better, thirsty
Here have some water
How long have I been here
Two days Mom
Ugh! I don’t remember
You were pretty out of it
I must have been

Doc says you’ll be ok now
Good I’m glad
Mom phone’s for you
Hello, how are you?
Oh my god, it’s you!
Yes it is, it’s me
I thought … I … I

Wild Thing11


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