Never Look Back


Never Look Back – photo by Wild Thing

Exploring small worlds
Too young to know
So much more beyond
Under careful love
She continued to grow

New country home
Running wild and free
The world so much bigger
No time to think
What will I be

Seasons passed swift
Still wild and untamed
School days marked time
Unknown future
As yet unnamed

Young woman at 13
Wild inside, outside mellow
When no one’s watching
Climbing trees
Tackling neighborhood fellows

Time to grow up
Put away childish dreams
Can be anything
The world is larger
Not as small as it seems

Pomp and circumstance
Tears and farewells
For once all friends
Some gone forever
Others, wedding bells

Years later reunion
All returned at last
So unchanged
Except the wild one
Who never lived in the past

Wild Thing ©February 28, 2016


5 thoughts on “Never Look Back

  1. Well said. It’s good to let your inner wild show from time to time. And time never stands still, no matter how much some want it to. 😉

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