Bracelet of Power


I Love You

Bracelet of Power

In front of the table
Stood the witch
A bracelet making
Colored stones
Of magic and power

A drop of Red
From courage
For invisibility
To hide from users
Who only take

Tear some blue
From the wind
And fly high
With the birds
From place to place

Receive the yellow
Open the third eye
Read thoughts
Know their intent
Warding off betrayal

Nature bestows green
A shape shifter
Into any animal
To heal and save
From man’s inhumanity

Orange harvested
Carefully from energy
For speed and vitality
Allows adapting
To sudden changes

In imagination
Beads of purple
One is needed
Adds creativity
To pass through phases

Grey of the mind
All confusion gone
Using energy
Moving matter
Here to there

Pure Love Pink
Heal pain and hurt
Except when
The Universe says
Their time is up


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