Come Fate



Come Fate

Dark room
Lit by candles
Dripping wax
Exotic scent hangs
Gauze covered air

Old table uncovered
Two women sit
One Anxious
One Mysterious
Low words pass

Anxious worries
Crying “the future!”
Mysterious nods
“I know . . .
are you sure?”

“yes!” cries Anxious
“I must know!”
Mysterious gazes
Shrugs saying
“No controlling it.”

Steady hands circle
Clear crystal ball
Mysterious chants
Ancient words
From long ago

Clouds form
Thick and dark
Anxious leans in
Fearing to see
Unable to look away

Her eyes widen
Chair crashes loudly
Anxious screaming, runs
Door slams shut
Only a bell tinkles

Mysterious sighs
Shaking her head
Sets up the room
Calls to her cat
“Come Fate!”


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