Healing Needed

Divine Goddess . . . please heal me . . .

Divine Goddess . . . please heal me . . .

Healing Needed

Depleted energy
Healing needed
Crawling slowly
Into the damp field

Face down
Digging deep
For Earth’s energy
To give me strength

Skin feeling
Dewy kisses
Water’s energy
Calming my emotions

Hair stirs
Gentle breeze
Caressing Air energy
Restoring my mind

Looking up
Iridescent leaves
Fire energy
Consuming me


11 thoughts on “Healing Needed

  1. The healing energy of the elements around us is very strong. Even in the middle of a storm, to step outside and feel that energy, take it in, revel in it, can help with giving us enough strength to move on to the next hurdle. Like you said so beautifully here, all you have to do is stop and allow it to surround you, seep inside your body and mind, and consume you. 🙂

    • Thank you Heidi … I am so glad you understand … truly gathering energy from what is sent to us from the universe is so nurturing … thank you so very much …ps I’m glad you saw a sun too ;)))

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