The Turner Chronicles . . . The Coming of Tanis

The Come of Tanis

The Come of Tanis

“All matter is made of energy, Jenna, and time is not as we perceive it. Beyond that, consciousness . . . being self aware . . . plays an integral role in creation. Each conscious being distills reality from . . . ” Tanis hesitated, “. . . from a source . . . in some way we don’t understand. I can’t explain it but I can help you use it.” — From the Book

If you liked what you just read above, check out The Turner Chronicles: The Coming of Tanis by Cletis L Stump. It is now also available on Kindle. You can read more of it by going here: The Turner Chronicles – The Coming of Tanis

The reviews are giving it a five star rating. Read the many reviews for yourself to see what others are saying about it.

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in this book. The fluid writing of the author is like a stream that flows with no obstacles in its course. Smooth and even without a ripple. Even the action parts have a rhythm to them that is lyrical.

Wildly Yours,

Wild Thing


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