The Swing

Shivery gooood by Annie!


Writing Outside the Lines … Halloween Extra

Look at the picture. Writing Rebels, Halloween is days away … I challenge you to write your spookiest using this picture for inspiration.

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The Swing

It was a swamp thing

found deep in the darkest

recesses of the bayou



Lore said it was evil

My Grams did too …

I learned early on

to stay away from

that ‘damned thing’ as

Grams called it

especially during this

time of year when the

whispering was strongest

Even …

When it whispered

to me every day

The Swing called

me by MY NAME

Telling me it was there




missing me…

needing me…

to keep it company

to fulfill the prophecy

I dreamed of The Swing

I saw it in my day visions

It wanted me…

my soul…

Would it one day win?

© 2015 Annie Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace…

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