It happens . . . once in a blue moon . . .

It happens . . . once in a blue moon . . .


Woke up still dark
Strange dreams
“Beloved come to me”
Shake my head
Clearing it of dream fog

Coffee in hand
I stare at the easel
“I need you”
Damn dream again
Pushing it away I get busy

Subtle brush strokes
Working as if by rote
“Your soft lips”
Sternly telling myself
Get a grip old girl

Working faster now
The image taking shape
“We must be together”
It’s becoming hypnotic
Fear begins to crawl in

A man’s face
Darkly handsome
“Don’t deny me”
Some how familiar
Shaking I keep painting

A penetrating gaze
It can see my soul
“We are eternity”
A shocking truth
I realize with a fright

Empty house searched
Nothing disturbed
Painting on the easel
Envelopes strewn
Below on the floor

One lay open
In spidery script
“Beloved come to me
I need you”
Dated 1789


4 thoughts on “Beloved

  1. Thank you Annie! I was wowed by how both our pieces for this week ran along the same “mystery” genre! XXXOOO Your encouragement has come to mean a great deal to me … thank you so much.

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