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The Come of Tanis

The Come of Tanis

***UPDATE 10/24/25***

My daughter has read this book and this is her review:

I read this book for 2 reasons. The first being that my mom recommended it and I trust her judgment. The second being my brother read it and liked it! However once I began to read it I couldn’t put it down. I found myself in the Appalachians seeing a battle of good and evil … of growth, oneness, and love. I think that Mr. Stump tells a great story here and if you read it you will find more here than you realize. My only complaint was that I wanted more when I was done. I hope there will be a sequel. One last thing, I just want to say thank you to Mr. Stump. You did a beautiful job in showing the truth of the path we walk. I would give it 5 stars too if I could. Jamie P.I. 10/25/2015

My son has read this book and this is his review:
It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book and read it but after the first 20 pages I was hooked. The various twists and turns the story took kept me reading and I couldn’t stop until I was finished. It was a really good book and I snap chat it to all my friends. Growing up in a house where paganism is practiced, I especially liked how our beliefs were used in this book. The author seemed to really have a good understanding of them. It is a book that both guys and girls would like. What would be really good would be a follow up book. If I were able to give it a rating, I would give it 5 stars. Signed Damien P.I. 10-20-2015


I just finished reading “The Turner Chronicles: The Coming of Tanis” by Cletis L Stump. I rarely give a book *5 stars. This book I will give 5 stars. Right from the beginning the reader is drawn into the story by the author’s unique style of weaving a story with simple sentences and without an excess of words. Even if you are not a “reader” you would find it difficult to put this book down. The underlying sensuality in it is superbly done. You feel it throughout the book but it is neither overt, nor tacky.

You may think, “Oh another Vampire story? Haven’t they been done to death?” Without giving away anything, this is unlike any other vampire story I’ve ever read which would mean from Bram Stoker to all of Anne Rice and the Twilight Saga. It is fresh, new and a pleasant surprise. Vampire fans may or may not like it. Were I to say more, I would give away too much I think.

The other layer of the story was the use of ancient pagan beliefs. The connectedness of all things both living and inanimate through the energy they give off; of the silver light, the universe, and the source. Controlling these things to create or manifest that which you desire was used in this novel in a way that was far more truthful that many realize. As a pagan, I am unable to fully write here how much this touched me. It was because it wasn’t overdone or full of half-truths. It was simple, pure, and without conceit.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. You don’t have to be a fan of vampires, a pagan, or of any particular genre. You will enjoy it regardless. And now you can read a portion of it at Amazon…. once you start, you’ll want to read it all.

You can order his book by clicking the link here: The Turner Chronicles – The Coming of Tanis

To get a taste of his poetry as well as some other fine poets paired with beautiful images, stop by his Late Night Footfalls poetry tumblr blog at:

If you would prefer politics to poetry and like straight talk with some humor sprinkled in, try his Cletis Says blog here:

I highly recommend all his work. I’ve never been disappointed yet!

Wildly Yours,

Wild Thing


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