I Watch Her

In the light, we see all we need to see . . .

In the light, we see all we need to see . . .

I Watch Her

Sipping my coffee
I watch her
Apron slips over
Her grey head
Gnarled fingers tie the knot

She waves off help
Doing what she
Has done
Hundreds of times before

We fall silent
Her task mindless
She gazes beyond
The window over the sink

What does she see
Does she think
What could have been
Does she have regrets

Back stick straight
Harsh light is unkind
To her face
Every wrinkle pronounced

Sensible clothes & shoes
No designer labels
A closet full
Of interchangeable drab

She finishes up
Quickly, neatly, folded apron
She walks over
Pulls out the chair

She takes my hand
Love in her eyes
She says to me
“Now let’s talk about you.”


3 thoughts on “I Watch Her

  1. This poem is amazing … I could see and feel each and every movement through your words. Don’t ever let anyone tell you your writing is nothing but perfection. I want this in my poetry collection too … much too good not to share!

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