Which Story to Tell?

On a moon filled night . . . what story do I tell?
Moonlit Waves – photo by Wild Thing

A story you say?
So many to share
Which to tell
Is the question

Of a wild child
Running free
Forced to grow up
Too soon
In the car
Of a trusted adult

Faced challenges
Working with
Mentally challenged
By day
Haunted smoky
Pool halls
After school
At night

Biker chick
Black leather
Harley rumbling ‘neath
Unique to this
World of men
Trusted advisor
Wielding power wisely

Watching first one
Then the other
Parent die
Helped each one
Find the light

A dying woman
Hearing a voice
Call to her
“Stay, I’m coming”
So she rises
Stronger and wiser

Sad lonely woman
Blue moon night
Goddess above
Send me someone
Who will love me

All with a story to tell
Each with laughter
Some sadness
Triumphs . . . failures

All . . .
The same woman
Who lights
Candles . . . Chants
Finds strength
In solitary worship
Is the one
Who helped them all
. . . survive

Wild Thing ©September 20, 2015


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